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Can I please buy this game to play it locally? :) During my last play the browser just crashed by the score of 168, and the latency was extreme after the score of 80. During an explosion of say 20 helicopters the game makes a 5-s break. It could be very interesting to play further, but it is not possible due to performance. Maybe one could also limit the sound channel, because the crash of 30 helicopters introduces sound distortion which cannot be handled easily by the game engine, so that the sound crashed on my side after the score of 120. 

Please do not leave this game unreleased! If you could improve it into a new "Alien Shooter", it would be a masterpiece.

If you have the itch app installed you can download the browser version and play it locally! :)


Hi! I'm from Ukraine! And i made the video about your game!

This was a fun game to play. I'm happy to see people come together to help. Good job!

free tanks

Very good game.Wonderful mechanics and humor.


if you press up and w at the same time then you will get doubble speed. same for turning and reverse, its perfectly ballanced.

fight for freedom!

I wounder what this is based off of ;)

yoinky sploinky the game

Guys, I love Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. That is why I shared this awesome project on my YouTube channel and websites. 



Дякую за підтримку, почуття гумору та, власне, чудову захоплюючу гру! Сподіваюся побачити цю річ в *Play Market* та *Steam*. 👍🔰

Cool game


power to ukraine


more power to the azov battalion


cool game! i love that you return home safely after the tractor blows up

Hi, I made a piece inspired by recent events, too. Though no so hilariously funny as this. Please check -

I found this to be in poor taste

if the rude building was broken
then fine
but it is not 

This sums up my weekend

Some really wacky, tank-stealing experience

Steal da tank




Slava Ukraini!!


Slava Ukraini !




If I found an abandoned Tank, and I was in a Tractor, I would ditch the Tractor and use the Tank for my farming and shoot at the Russians if they bothered me with the Tank.



What I mean, is that Ukraine is Stronger that Russia lmao.


Great game! Could you join our game jam with your game? Maybe it's not by the rules, but it would add popularity to our initiative:

still a good game....


(7 edits) (+3)

While there is no such thing as too many hearts, i have given them 10 seconds before they disappear to make things a bit more challenging.

Helis do not blow up when they crash into each other anymore. 

G toggles graphics for slower machines. 

Tank and Heli Spawn time balanced. 

Fixed a naughty pickle jar that was respawning every 5 seconds. 

Let me know how it plays!


I 🌻 this game.

holy mother of frames, thats alot of... stuff


Доброго вечора, ми з України!))

Thanks for a good game!! Find a glitch that interferes with playing: after a 150-200 stealed tanks can't grab them any more.. Shown it at picture below. Please, fix it! 

And it would be great if you made it possible to play on a phone browser or better made an app for Google Play and App Store. 


And make a counter of downed tanks and helicopters!!


Thanks for the feedback, some things fixed




i love this game it gets a 9/10 prob 10/10 if you make a limit to the amount of enemies that spawn and decrease the amount of time it takes for the ruble to despawn. other then that i have 0 complaints and i love your game :)


This is probly the best game I have played on

(1 edit) (+5)

It's fun for like five mins then it gets very repetitive and easy you have to try and die eventually. i got up to over 160  and just let them kill me.


I must suck at my own game lol, i cant get even close to that score. but i will add a "Ukrainian mode" that ramps up the difficulty for you guys


❤️ Thank you!


Oof, i might have to code in some cheats so i can get that far into the game to see how this happens lol. Stay tuned


Same thing is happening here. The helicopters made the game easier. Helicopters keep crashing into each other & blowing up their own tanks. The more helicopters & tanks they lose, they double-down & send even more in, destroying more of themselves in friendly fire.

I do realize this makes it a highly accurate simulation of Russia's battle competency though.

I think the helicopters & pickle jars come into the game too early, maybe don't send the first helicopter until the player gets 10 tanks? Maybe cap the number of hearts & tanks on the field at once? My machine slows down to 1 FPS once there's too many hearts.

(Love the game though! The pre-helicopter version had a Flappy Bird feel, bite-sized game length & even 8 tanks felt like a high score!)


Helis fixed, and you can press G to lower your graphics now. Enjoy


Hearts despawn after 10 seconds now, so gotta be quick!

(1 edit)

It's really heartbreaking to see these hearts despawn.

Way better balance.

Great recipe to live a long and healthy farmer life: collect lots of helis running circles. A single jar or some time will make them all go away... fast.

Doing this a little bit too often will crash the entire game. 


Love the idea of this... keep up the work man :) Hope this is trending so more people can see and help on what is happening in Ukraine!!!



New update with Helicopters, pick up pickle jars to throw at them :)


Some bug reports/ideas by me :D

-please buff helicopters - this changes the game where having 10 tanks is an achievement to the game where it's not hard to get 100+ tanks and a similar amount of lifes. Maybe 1) make helicopters to not crash into each other, 2) make them harder to kill - either longer cooldowns of pickle jars, or having to have some interaction (aiming at them?), 3) make smaller reward for killing them

-when a pickle jar is thrown at helicopter, but the helicopter dies (crashes with another helicopter) before pickle jar reaches it, the pickle jar rotates in the air indefinitely

-it seems that the only non-destructible items are player's house, player's shed, everything behind the border.. and hay bales

-sometimes the heart (from a destroyed helicopter) is behind the border or in the air - not reachable by tractor, should be despawned

-moving through the area with a low of sunflowers creates a lag - maybe some optimization, as the sunflowers doesn't interact with anything?

Thanks for the feedback, some of that is now fixed


I just love that you thought of making a game about that :D

Btw I'm trying to reach 70 subs so if you enjoyed this video it would mean the world to me that you'd consider subscribing to my channel :)
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