Oceans and Volumetric Fog

We have a new Ocean setting in this update, its in the main panel just click on that and play with the settings.
In the boats section there are some physics driven boats now that will bob up and down with the waves, this is an experimental feature, so it may do funky things, especially if you scale them small or large, so for best results keep that size slider in the middle for now.

In the water tool, if you scroll through now you have a bunch of river objects you can place and maybe piece together like a slot car set.

Volumetric fog can be accessed through the little arrow next to fog, have a play with these settings and see what you can come up with, its another experimental feature, hopefully its useful.

A few pieces of furniture are now available. Remember you can use Alt + mouse wheel to resize, Shift + mouse wheel to rotate and Ctrl to place on objects such as the floor.

AO now lives in the camera settings

Copy paste can now use Shift, Alt and Ctrl

A few bug fixes are here and there as well.

If you find any more, do let me know through Discord, which is also a great place to chat, join challenges, help each other out with issues and meet some nice folks!



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Version 5 Sep 15, 2019

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Looks awesome! Beatiful

I hope Flowscape gets a fourth-wall missing house. It would almost be perfect for dollhouse stuff too. BTW, the new Ocean update looking fantastic, this makes me VERY happy. It will work great when I go to prototype Mistseek Bay.