FlowScape updated with a few quality of life features and bug fixes

Today's update is about bug fixes and few quality of life features.

The paint tool now saves.

The paint tool erase function now works properly.

If you load a 1.2 map, the landscape doesn't get loaded, i cant fix that, but i have a workaround, Left Ctrl click on the landscape that is missing, and it will pop back into place without deleting your plants or objects.

If you screw up a sculpt, you can use Left Shift and middle mouse button to revert paint.

The shadow distance gets calculated based on your cameras distance from the center + the size of the landscape, if you created some rocks or mountains outside of the terrain, the shadows wouldn't reach, so i have added a shadow distance slider, you can find it in settings by unchecking Adaptive quality

It was a pain to change the sky and then have to go to the camera panel to rotate the sky, so now i have a sky rotation slider where the skies are.

If you click on a new terrain and you have something painted, it will now ask you for a confirmation.

Added a tooltip for objects that require you to scroll to access them such as the houses.

You now can change the fog color.

When placing houses you may want to place things on top of them, hold Left CTRL to activate that.

Upon startup or when creating a new random seed, the sky gets randomly changes as well as the sun position, that should add some more interest.

In the accessories tool, ive added 2 more items at the end, smoke and fire, for all you pyromaniacs :)

To scale the size of buildings, hold left Alt and use the scroll wheel

Thanks to everyone who supports FlowScape! You guys are awesome.


flowscape-windows 64 1.3.zip 2 GB
Version 5 Jul 04, 2019
flowscape-mac1.3.zip 2 GB
Version 3 Jul 04, 2019
flowscape-linux-1.3.zip 2 GB
Version 3 Jul 04, 2019

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I second the 2 options mentioned below, and have a couple of more suggestions to add.......I love the selection of animals already available, would love to see African Wildlife included. You have 2 Giant Trolls, how about  Gorilla, and maybe turtles and Alligators? I am hooked on this Game, can't stop playing with it!

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I am using this program as a reference builder for oil paintings.

This is far faster than building scene collages in photoshop. And provides correct light and reflection reference which is very difficult to get otherwise. I now spend far less time hunting for images and more time painting. Love it.

Only two caveats.

1: I wish I could import my own models, specifically human analogs I've created from other programs like DAZ Studio. The developer has mentioned they are looking into this in future updates.

2: I wish the sky had an Alpha channel PNG option. Then I could use reference scenes in layers on top of other sci-fi paintings I've done. Because, as it stands, I currently spend a few hours with tedious masking around every leaf and tree.

With those two options it would be perfect. Still, this is probably my favorite reference art tool. Even if it wasn't meant to be one.

Hey great you are using it as reference!

1. Import is almost done, not far away at all

Check out one of the latest tests (caution: slightly nsfw)


2. For now you can change the sky brightness to black, saving you some cutting out by using photoshop's select color tool.

but i do have the ability to save out as a 32 bit tga, i just haven't exposed that button yet, but may do in the future


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That 32 TGA alpha would be perfect for my needs!

Also glad to hear the model import option is already near complete. I'm excited!

On a side note. I would gladly pay for a "Pro" version that lets me export to TGA Alpha, save 10K or higher images, allow commercial use, or other specialized features that people like myself could make use of.

Look forward to seeing the updates!


You can press F8 or go to the Map tool and click 8K to save out a higher res screenshot. The only thing is, i dont think it captures the lensflare

I typically turn lense flare off anyway for what I do. So that works.

Just curious. Will the import option allow animation like the built in models?

I personally have no use for animation other than static poses. But I know people who do machinima who would be very interested in that.

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Seems that the paint tool saves, however it isn't correct. My paths have become a couple of large globs of paint upon load in. Also  I can't seem to get the erase OR paint tool to work at all when dealing with painting paths specifically(Animals and buildings work fine). Thought it was worth mentioning! Keep up the great work though, loving this program.

EDIT: It seems the paint tool works as intended but only for new terrains. Any old terrains will not be able to be painted and the paths that are already there are changed in various ways.


Thanks for the feedback, its quite possible that the old saves might not work with the paths, it was quite tricky to implement.

Happy that you are loving it despite a few bugs :)

So it seems this particular "bug" can be resolved  in a very interesting way. Upon launching the program and loading the old maps like mentioned above there is no way for the paint tool to be used in any manner. So I just started playing around with sliders to see if anything might magically fix it. The map was saved at full terrain size, HOWEVER upon load the terrain size was at minimum. Moving the slider back to its maximum position allowed the paint tool to be used to its full capacity on any map loaded old or new.  It seems the program launches with terrain size set to minimum rather than loading the size it was set at.

After running some tests it seems that the paint tool will now work on any old map unless the Terrain size slider is moved at all. Once moved any amount the paint tool works like a charm! Also The aforementioned path globs are resolved this way. Changing the slider back to the terrain size it was saved as makes the painted paths go back to the way they were originally painted.

I apologize for the long winded response, hope this can help/ helps out anyone experiencing the same problem.