FlowScape Updated to 1.5.3

A lot of you guys are pushing FlowScape way beyond i ever imagined and it really warms my heart. I have been saving the best things i can find to our Twitter Go check them out!

We have some new things to play with and we have some new tools as well in today's update.

Over 50 new castle and village buildings and accessories.

A dozen satellite captured terrain pieces for backgrounds.

By popular request, a rainbow.

Falling leaves that can be placed under a tree.

Fluffy pollen to give the scene some atmosphere.

Visibility layers so that you can toggle off flowers or plants or trees while you are building massive scenes.

More save slots.

When importing you can press place, to drop the imported object on top of your landscape.

and a few bits and pieces im sure you will discover yourself.

You can toggle a house onto the Rock layer by pressing R, so you can paint on it.

Copy Paste has had some thought gone into it, simply press Ctrl C and then you can place the copy one by one, then right click to cancel.

You can invert an object by pointing at it and pressing I.

Resizing the moon is now possible with the transform tool.

We have a water object now, but i highly recommend to only use 1, it has performance issues with too many, and also you might see some glitches, This dev cant wait to try those RTX cards to bypass these limitations.

Rotating the map in Ortho is now possible.

In settings you can switch to AZERTY keys


There was a bug with birds and butterflies and other flying things on the turtle and book where they would clump together, thats been sorted.

An are you sure button on random landscape, apologies to the streamer that i saw that happen to. Woops.

Right Ctrl P for a random Landscape

Got rid of the blue tint below the water as that messed with sculpting.

I have turned undo off while sculpting, so that you dont try it and undo your trees. Undo will come for sculpting eventually.

Fixed a blurry Ui in low res mode



flowscape-windows-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 3 Sep 01, 2019
FlowScape-Mac-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 3 Sep 01, 2019
FlowScape-Linux-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 3 Sep 01, 2019

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Hi enjoying the added feature to the update but it is very slow at loading etc and tends to have a lot of lag and sometimes it just quits. Any chance of looking into this ? Otherwise I'm back to Version 1.4 I'm running Mac Catalina.

Love the software I use to have KPT Bryce and it is no longer supported for MAC OSX and came across FlowScape it's what I'v been looking for for a long time ! Now I can build virtual worlds and get immersed in nature thanks so much and look forward to more user updates.

Got rid of the blue tint below the water as that messed with sculpting- maybe a way to turn it on and off from settings? 

A tiny thing: the steam desktop icon is less detailed than the itch.io one.

I have no control over that, steam has these size requirements i cant change

Hi fantastic game. Will it work on Mac Catalina?

Thanks!. Give it a try, and if it doesnt work you can always ask itch for a refund

Thanks for your speedy response. 
Unfortunatly it forces a restart each time I load the game the Mac dumps to the log in screen. Fortunately I have an old dell laptop with Linux on it. I was hoping I would be able to put the muscle of my i7 iMac to work for smoother performance 

try running at medium settings, high might be killing it

I would like to know this too.

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Hi  PixelForest,
Please add this Options in futur version
1- gizmo move 3d

2 - enlarge thumbnail of slots load / saves

3- Possibility to save options  of screenshot resolution and all options chose by user  in Project.
4 - Accelerate the download of the program by leaving the user is carrying the models that he wants in his project
5 -Ability to save models (Obj) or Fbx in futur ) imported by the user in particular Gallery
 I hope I'm not an intruder And I'm not annoying :)
I just want to see this wonderful program rise