FlowScape has an Art Gallery

There is now an in game art gallery with all the amazing images you guys have created

I kept adding more and more rooms and still had a ton of things i had to leave out. If yours wasn't in there, its because i have to make a multi story gallery!


flowscape-windows-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 4 Sep 03, 2019
FlowScape-Mac-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 4 Sep 03, 2019

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Will this also feature "living worlds" and video?

Would it be possible to link to landscapes directly from the gallery?

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I suggest that the Gallery There is a in home menu
The images displayed will be the latest creation by the user
also I suggest to change the path of images in a special folder,
for example:
C: \Users\Username\ Pictures\Flowscape
Thanks Fs

Pretty cool! I like it!!