A little update

Hey Beautiful people!

A new update is out with bug fixes and a bunch of new features.

We have a tutorial here

and a video

Some amazing images on the Steam screenshot gallery

We had a bit of fun with a new trailer

Japanese and Chinese language support for the Ui is now in!

New pan system for middle mouse that is more responsive.

Fixed some bugs in animation record not stopping

Texture panel ui highlights properly

Ultra wide monitor fixes for the startup scene Ui

Undo issue fixed when in transform mode it would delete plants

Fixed default shadow distance as it was too close in ortho mode

First person button added to top tool bar

Snow is saved

Added Social buttons for Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Weibo and Steam screenshot gallery

A little bug that didn't register an undo step when you painted off the landscape.

Camera settings now save.

Added dozens of images from our users on the steam screenshot page to appear randomly on startup.

I have added 16 new large rocks that are great for backgrounds.

14 dead trees and stumps that are great for wasteland shots.

Happy Painting


flowscape-windows-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 6 Sep 18, 2019
FlowScape-Mac-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 6 Sep 18, 2019
FlowScape-Linux-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 7 Sep 18, 2019
flowscape-windows-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Aug 15, 2019
FlowScape-Mac-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Aug 15, 2019
FlowScape-Linux-1.5.zip 3 GB
Version 1 Aug 15, 2019

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I'm new here. Can anyone help me understand how to save the project and an image?

<3 thank you.

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Great Thanks  
this program most wonderful 
We are waiting all new for this unique Program
Please add  Painting Climbing Plant for trees and walls

Good luck

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Did the random scene generation  (formerly "P" key) get put back in 1.5 version 2, or is it still on the to-do list?

"P" key wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

I have downloaded the version 2 and was disappointed wihtout the "P" key...