Sneak Peak of Upcoming Features

Development of FlowScape is back on track as things are looking much better here in Australia and most importantly, the kids are back in school! I finally have time during the day to put into development again.

Thought this might be a good chance to show some of the features in the oven, a lot of them are done, some need a bit more polish, but it shouldn't be too long until i get an update out.

If you ever feel like a challenge, head into our friendly Discord where you can learn new tricks, get help if you are stuck and we have weekly art competitions with a $30 prize.

Hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves

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The program is great for what I paid for. The community on discord is great and helps with any questions. At this point though it is a dead program, no progression after more than 2 years, promised updates shown on youtube never happened. The creator even came back this year and gave us hope and promised the update would be completed in a couple weeks. He asked for some money to be able to finish and promptly vanished.

If you go to the Discord channel he updates everyone on what is going on. FlowScape 2.0 is still in the works!


I'm still super interested in this update! Any progress or news on it? It would be great to be able to build D&D maps using flowscape!


hi ! What about the development?

Wonderful software. Is there a way to export assets or scene in obj files?


not currently as copy right laws are an issue. not a dev or mod just have had the game a long time

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I encourage even people who "know" this program to check the whole series on the Tutorial Playlist of the FlowScape youtube channel:

You should play it in order, starting with the 9mn tutorial, showing almost everything, but also do not miss seing all the other videos. Most are 1 to 3mn videos, some of them showing incredible tips and clever usage of some of the features (really, even if the video subject seems "known", you should check it out anyway! for ex: lighting show how to "build" a projector,  planets shows how to import objects and modify the texture easily, etc)

What a wonderful tool.  With all the Covid and staying indoors I have got back into Dungeons and Dragons again.  I just got this program recently with the intent to make RPG maps.  Your upcoming updated will take that to a whole new level!  It is so awesome to make a map and provide scenes to really get the adventures pulled into the story.

Thank you for more signs of life.


Looks great. Can't wait. Any update on when you think this might go live?

Really cool.

Looks good! Very interested in the underwater part.

Appreciation for the work going into this software.  Lots of interesting stuff.  Looking forward to the update.  Great job. 

Can't wait yes things here in Australia are getting better just as well I had Flow Scape to get me through !

Glad to see you back at it! You're doing some amazing stuff! Well done my friend!

I've been waiting for new content for awhile. Good to see you still are working on it, and thank you for all your hard work

Looks awesome! some amazing additions - look forward to getting my hands on the upgrade in due course and putting it through its paces!

Amazing !!!