FlowScape 1.4 now has Import

Check out the intro video here

Today's update includes the obj importer, simply click on home and Import then choose an .obj to bring into FlowScape. You can get some great models over at SketchFab and many other free model resources.

Your old saves will be slightly broken, that's why this update is a separate download and doesn't overwrite 1.3 It was necessary, i'm going to steal something our Jen from the Discord said... Cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs! :)

What else is new?

You can now place colored lights, that you will find in the houses menu, just scroll through them, white, yellow, red, green and blue for the moment, use Left Alt to scale their falloff. Once placed, if you go to the transform tool, a sphere will show where they are so you can move, scale or delete them.

If you go to the settings panel and turn off Adaptive Quality, there is now Ambient Occlusion, great for darkening corners and adding contrast to unlit areas. The reason its in the settings panel is because changing the Anti-Aliasing messes with Ambient Occlusion (Adaptive Optimization will change AA on the fly when you move and your frame rate is below 60)

Also in that same panel is Camera Distance, which determines how close or far the camera culls, great for bigger landscapes.

In there you will also find Shadow Distance, so you can manually change the shadows.

If you point at an object and press L, it will toggle Lock and Unlock. What that does is puts that object on a separate layer that stops you deleting it. Great for placing imported landscape objects and locking it so you don't delete it by accident when using the eraser or pressing Delete.

WASD now works in first person mode as well as the arrow keys, simply press F to toggle first person

There is now a loading screen at the start of FlowScape

There are X's on all windows so you can close them

The change flare icon was missing a texture, so i added one

Ansel has been updated, also added some info for it in the help section, great for super high res screenshots and 360 panoramas.

If you want to speed up the camera, you can either hold Right Shift or TAB

And lastly an ARE YOU SURE? when pressing the New button


Weird bug asking if you are sure when clicking on ground1, ground2 or mask. Fixed

Sculpting wasn't working if an object was in front of it. Fixed

Random variation stopped working when changing size. Fixed

Reduced the camera sound

Map maker had a bug when you clicked on Arkenforge first, it stopped letting you screenshot at proper resolution. Fixed

Sometimes the blue spheres got left in the scene. Fixed

Painting paths didn't show when the lighting was low. Fixed

When pressing New, its much much faster now.

Sometimes the logo wouldn't disappear on low spec machines. Fixed

If you had a large landscape, the painted paths didn't load. Fixed

That's all folks, you may find bugs. My kids are my playtesters, they may not have found them all :) Do report them and they will get fixed.

We will launch on steam next month, so if you are one of those one launcher or GTFO type of folks

you can wishlist it here https://store.steampowered.com/app/1043390/FlowScape/

Have a happy Saturday!


FlowScape-windows-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 7 Aug 02, 2019
FlowScape-mac-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 7 Aug 02, 2019
FlowScape-windows-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 1 Jul 20, 2019
FlowScape-mac-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 1 Jul 20, 2019

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Having trouble getting textures applied when Importing .obj file, even when all textures are in same folder. Which modelling software best exports properly so all textures are applied when importing Please....?

Check that the texture is written in the .mtl file. Should be Kd_map texture.jpg

Come join us on discord. Great place for help and trouble shooting. 

Link is stickied in the flowscape community 


Great set of extra options, thanks. The 360 Ansel support is great.

The title of your update is incorrect, 1.3 instead of 1.4 now has import.

Did some sky options change? As in, can I now choose from a different set then before?

Thanks, fixed

Kuula is a great place to save those panoramas



Nice scenery, I'll go looking for that church in Flowscape. My first attempt: https://roundme.com/tour/443904/view/1526640/


Nice. There is another update that has pano support built in.  You will find it in settingd