FlowScape can now export panoramas

You can now export a panorama with a single click, simply go to settings and press Capture Panorama, this saves out an 8k panorama that you can use in places like https://kuula.co

Check out some examples


FlowScape-windows-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 3 Jul 23, 2019
FlowScape-mac-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 3 Jul 23, 2019
FlowScape-linux-1.4.zip 2 GB
Version 9 Jul 23, 2019

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All I get is a black screen

I really like the church in the 360. Is it available for download and import in Flowscape?

This one


My Ddownload page now has the latest version. Thank you.

The purchase list shows the two purchases, but downloads 1.3
The itch app does not work very well in my workstation environment and I prefer to use My Download page at https://pixelforest.itch.io/flowscape/download

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This update is not on  the itch app and not on my purchase list
How do I get the latest version?

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If you use the itch app it should have updated automatically. In game, go to settings and you should see capture panorama

You can manually check for updates like this