Desert Biomes added

The last update was rather wet, so to keep a nice balance we have some desert plants and trees for you today.

A few bug fixes also:

Sun lines up with the reflection

Ocean button disappearing when taking a panorama is fixed

The rain follows the camera now instead of just being over the terrain for those ocean storms

The Physics boats were not saving in some circumstances and that should be fixed

found a bug that stopped sky rotation from saving


Files 3 GB
Version 6 Sep 18, 2019 3 GB
Version 6 Sep 18, 2019 3 GB
Version 7 Sep 18, 2019

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hi, great update, but I can't click the program to download? Also, is there any way you could create installable updates to the existing program so one doesn't have to download 3 GB every time?

you are looking for the itch app, it will only update whats new

ahh thanks!