FlowScape updated to 1.2 with a ton of new houses and fantasy creatures

Whats New?

7 Fantasy creatures, 15 Fantasy houses, 26 Asian Houses and decorations, 10 Stone houses, 11 Elf houses, 26 Fairytale houses, 8 Sculpted rocks, 13 3d scanned rock and terrain pieces, Flatland, angle snap, Place-able lights, 15 Lensflares, New help, Change size of buildings with - and =, Copy paste with Ctrl C and Ctrl V, Better Save system, Camp fire and tent, Ansel support, Export to Arken Forge, Snow, Transform tool new features. ctrl z undo. ctrl y redo. shift to add selection. ctrl remove selection. x pivot mode, c combine selection pivot, zoom and pan in orthomode, first person controller....



FlowScape Windows 1.2.zip 1 GB
45 days ago
Flow Scape Linux1.2.zip 1 GB
45 days ago
Flow Scape Mac1.2.app.zip 1 GB
45 days ago

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I downloaded the Windows 1.2 version. It's a zipped file. I unzipped. 

How do I install the program?  

clicking the executable gives me a missing Unity player message.

How do I cycle through the fantasy creatures? I can only find the dragon

try the scroll wheel to change the dragon

I HAD problems with the Windows download, but the itch app worked. Thanks! 

Does anyone have the link to the 1.2 update?

Please, kindly, fix the download link for Windows. It wants to download 2GB instead of 1GB, then stops in the middle and leaves a 'part' file that's corrupt. 

Thank you.

try using the itch app, it has the ability to resume downloads 

I will install the app on a different system for download and see if I can at least complete the download that way.


Each update make it  better and better ! good job !


Wow - this update is going to make a lot of people very happy! Incredible progress you have made (and continue to make).