FlowScape 1.3 is out

FlowScape 1.3 is available now

New features:

Terrain sculpting is now possible and you can find it at the bottom of the textures panel, Left button to raise terrain, SHIFT + right button to lower the terrain. It has its quirks for a first draft, ideally you want to sculpt the terrain before you place anything, because if anything is in the way, it blocks the sculpting raycast. Also if you save and reload, it does weird things if you try and sculpt some more. Will look into these glitches, but the basics are there.

Paint paths is in there right next to it, it allows you to draw some paths and apply one texture to it. Will look into making more textures in the future, again its a first draft, let me know if you experience any issues.

12 new skies have been added, and also the ability to stop the sky from rotating because the new skies have landscapes to them as well, great for extending the view.

Ahoy there matey, we have a bunch of ships in there as well, its in the building menu.

In the rock menu we have half a dozen snowy mountain pieces, which are great for backdrops.

3 pages of save slots now

For the D&D guys, the grid opacity can be changed, and in the texture panel you can now change the fresnel of the water, which is useful for top down maps to make it more reflective. A new hotkey O to toggle between ortho and normal camera.

There is now some lava and ice options instead of water.

When dropping down houses and other single place item where you have to scroll to get at the other models, holding down SHIFT will let you rotate with the mouse wheel (great time saver)


and thanks for supporting FlowScape!

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Great update but you should focus on optimization now. The software is promising  but very slow. Thx

Wow! Really awesome update:) Thx for developing this awesome software. Greetings

I ran a quick test on the terrain sculpting feature ( which I hoped would come at some point, so thank you!) and it was great ! Thanks a lot for the new features !