A day in the life of making FlowScape

A lot of users have asked for an option to make bigger landscapes, initially i had the idea that you could just paint smaller things to give you the feeling of a bigger landscape, but that is not really clear from a users perspective and also with that came some problems with the physics system and some flying animals behaving strangely.

So i thought, alright, lets add a slider for bigger landscapes, that should be easy, right?

Here is a little dev blog explaining how everything in a game is tightly knit together and how small changes can take a really long time.

So lets add a slider.

Alright, im done.

oh wait,  now the mask that blends the water line is screwed up. better fix that.

Now the flying animals dont go to the edges of the map. Oh yeah, i coded the ai to turn around after 10m so they dont fly off. better link that to the scale.

The water tiling looks too big, better link that to scaling.

The procedural scatter limits slider are now not large enough

The sound fx are procedurally scattered and have a range, so i have to scatter more the larger the landscape.

Now that you can paint more, i better add a LOD system... hmm that will take some time.

The rain is off scale.

The trees look like they are blowing in a gale, thats because i initially coded the vertex animation shader to be based on distance from the centre, so that there is less wind in the middle and more on the edges. Now that there is a larger landscape they are in a hurricane at the edges...

and thats not all of it haha

Thought id give you a little insight how tricky some seemingly simple things might be :)

and if updates take some time, this is why

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Thank you for your continued work on this particular request. I  hope we see the ability to create a world using Flowscape.

An idea I had was that maybe you could allow for creation of multiple scenes on same project, and allow a 'snapping' or grid-based alignment system to blend in landscapes, etc. 

So in essence-- the square we're confined to currently, can be added to another square you just placed elsewhere on the plane of existence (Flowscape empty space project area)

Thanks much for this. Is there a full manual anywhere?

there you go

Thanks much,

   Having a great time just playing with the program

I'm definitely buying this game! 


Thank you! Awesome stuff u have here.  Its really good to use it to visualize some graphic concept I have in mind.

i hope one day we can  import custom obj (maybe just no animation), fbx 3d models. 


Sweet game! If I may ask, how long have you been working on this project?

I cannot figure out how to get the various castle parts etc, I can only load the tower, one house type and a stall with seating and for the life of me cannot find the other options, the rocks show options but nothing else does, is there something I am overlooking?


scroll your mouse wheel for the other building parts

This game  and the works how we can do with it, absolutely amazing ! Thanks a lot !!

how absolutely wonderful a game :)

So, I totally get how one thing can affect so many others.  A suggestion for the tree animations. It would be really nice to have a slider scale for wind speed, rather than have it based on distance from center.  Or a toggle, to go between those options.

The reason I'm asking for this, is that as an animated battlemap, having a little bit more sway to the trees would be just perfect.  I get that a bunch of us are making requests for things you never expected, so we can be patient while you update.

Thanks for listening!