FlowScape Updated to 1.1

New Features

Castles - You can now build castles with a bunch of prefabs that you can place and move to build your dream castle. Click to place, N and M to rotate at 15 degree increments.

Houses - Place and rotate like the castles to build houses.

Village Decorations - To put life into your villages.

Rolling Fog for that eerie feeling.

Some nice new vertical rocks that look great at a larger scale.

You can now change the size of the terrain to 5 times.


Ctrl Z to Undo paint as well as Backspace.

Map Maker has 2k 4k and 8k buttons. (Save before going for 8k, as that may crash your system if you dont have enough graphics memory)

Map maker tells you how many grid spacing you are using.

You can also paint in Map maker Ortho mode.

3 new music tracks by legendary Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule.

Ctrl C - Ctrl V to copy paste

For those without a scroll wheel, you can use - and = to change the size of the brush.

Bugs Fixed

Lens flare will now screenshot. (i dont know how i missed that one)

Fixed a strange bug when you painted off the landscape it wouldnt undo.

Still to do

Saving is still a bit buggy, will save your objects, but sometimes doesnt save your texture or camera and light settings. Doing a complete overhaul on the saves. Should be done by next version.


FlowScape Windows 1.1.zip 1 GB
Feb 11, 2019
FlowScape Mac 1.1.app.zip 1 GB
Feb 11, 2019
FlowScape Linux 1.1.zip 1 GB
Feb 11, 2019

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I just got this a couple of days ago, so I know I have the latest version, but I can't get any new castle/village/decorations to work. Only the main tower/one house/the shade thing. Is there some special button yo have to push? Windows 10Pro

Yes you have the latest version, for the houses use the scroll wheel to cycle through them :)


Sadly new house/village/castle just don't work on my computer, the button doesn't seem to react (outside of some glich sometime)

have you tried the scrollwheel?

Ho yes thx *shame*

Is possible to see some new posts about roadmap and what is going with development of this piece of software? :) :) :) Thank You in advance for You time PixelForest team :)

Is there a simple guide on building towns? It seems like a lot of the objects clip into the ground or I find myself unable to place an object at the correct height.

Thank you very much for this varied update !  This little program is fantastic with the relax music and the beautiful animations. It has become my absolute favorite -   once again 1000 thanks for your beautiful work  on this !

This is definitely a nice piece of software, for which I am very grateful. The music also has a calming effect during use and I become completely ZEN and one with nature. Bob Ross would have appreciated this with the so-called lucky accidents.

Keep up the good work my friend!

Been decorating all day and just found the latest update.  My favorite app just became epic.  Thank you, the buildings are awesome and this app is just getting better.  

Thank you so much for such a massive update! I do hope you remembered to eat at some point during all this work you've been doing on the program. :)

Not a problem, eating is something i have no problem with :) There is this lovely cafe by the beach and they know me very well haha 

Really "fat" upgrade! So many new objects! Amazing:) Maybe in next update will be possible to do some simple sculpt (Get higher and lower terrain locally and add river or lake maunally as a plane ?). Really great stuff in this update:)

Are You able add option to Map Maker to control grid lines thickness?

I have it working, just haven't gotten save to work 

wow, that is some update - many thanks!